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Student Resources

Peck students can use the portal to access the following sites:  Lexia, iReady Math, Reflex Math, and others.
Sacramento Public Library
For book, magazines, music, audiobooks, movies VHS and DVD's, educational and entertaining and much more.

Library of Congress for Kids and Families
Log on, play around, and learn something. Especially for kids and families.

Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more -- especially designed for kids and FUN, FUN, FUN!

AAA Math
Math for K - 8th dealing with all different aspects of math. Practice tests and tutorials.

Enchanted Learning
Whether you are a member or not this website has thousands of interesting links. Sure to be loads of fun.

Star Fall
This is primarily for early learners, and they love this site. A very good resource for kids starting to learn language arts.    

Online Spelling Program
At the spelling city, students can type in their individual spelling lists then use the words to play games, take quizzes and earn points. Great for students in all grade levels.